For Burns Night

A wee burns night poem for politicos:Burns

On Sunday raise a gless tae the Bard

Why no? You huv bin workin’ awfy hard

And as ye git tore in tae yer neeps

Ye’r thinkin’: May- hoo mony sleeps?

And who’s gonnae be on yon TV debates?

A parcel o’ rogues, or some ither ingrates?


It’s plein Labour’s no held in much affection

Leadin’ up tae this general election

Will we see MPs dae inither northern dash

Saltires in haun? – Dinna fash!

Cause patriot Jim’s got the upper haun

Oor health will be paid for by Londaun

Instead of MPs getting’ oan that train

It’ll be nurses comin’ tae ease the pain


And dinna caw the PM a sleekit loon

We’ve extra poo’ers – tis written doon!

Nic says naw

It’s her baw

And onywey the Bill will faw

Fir English votes for English law

It disnae go Farage enuech

‘Whit aboot us? Fars the proof?


Meanwhile the nats, draped in tartan

This weekend will be fartin’

They’ll stuff too much puddin’ in their sonsie faces

An’ forget aboot political graces

Hunners o’ members is awfy weel

Bit they’ll no be able to keep them in heel


It gies ithers gey muckle pain

Tae see the nationalists claim Rab as their ain

The bard a nat? dinna be silly

It’s plein tae see he’s a’body’s Wille

So this weekend dinna go starvie

At least we still have Patrick Harvie…


NHS Lothian to roll out MMR

Originally produced for Napier News.

In light of the measles epidemic in Wales and the threat of imminent spread to the rest of Britain, NHS Lothian has highlighted the importance of MMR vaccinations.

The health board has admitted that a significant number of Lothian’s teenagers and young adults are considered at risk from measles as they may not have completed or started the course of the MMR vaccine as a child. NHS Lothian is now offering the vaccine to teenagers in schools and through their GPs.

Professor Alison McCallum, the Director of Public Health and Health Policy at NHS Lothian, said:

“Measles, Mumps, and Rubella are preventable by two doses of the MMR vaccine and I would urge all parents to ensure that their children are fully protected from these three diseases. We are now offering the MMR vaccination as part of the school immunisation programme and hope more of our young people will take up the opportunity to protect themselves.”

FULL MMR 22 from Tom Freeman on Vimeo.

MMR As-live from Tom Freeman on Vimeo.

Miners Convictions Campaign

originally produced for Edinburgh Napier News

Holyrood rejects calls for Miner’s strike Policing inquiry

Campaigners today vowed to fight on after their calls for a Hillborough-style inquiry into the policing of the 1984 and 85 miners strike was rejected by the Scottish Government.

Ministers were also told they had a “moral duty” to review the convictions of nearly 500 Scottish miners, but community safety minister Roseanna Cunningham insisted that she did not have powers to quash convictions.

The highly charged member’s debate was spearheaded by Lothians MSP Neil Findlay (Labour), who remains determined that the campaign will carry on.

Miners.02 from Tom Freeman on Vimeo.

A BBC documentary into events at the Orgreave coking plant in Yorkshire during strike last year prompted South Yorkshire Police to refer itself to the Police Complaints Commissioner for England. Now Findlay has called for the Scottish Government to launch a similar inquiry in police practice north of the border.

“Disappointed that the minister did not agree to have a review, but the campaign goes on.” He said.

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Edinburgh Film Completes Tour

Originally produced for Edinburgh Napier News.  

I caught up with Edinburgh Independent Film Maker Tim Barrow as his self produced and distributed film The Space Between completes its tour of screenings. He talks about the Creative Scotland Film Sector review.

space between yt2 from Tom Freeman on Vimeo.

The Space Between

After Blue Monday…

Weekly games column, first published at Sick Kids Save Point on 22/01/13

Gaming Tuesday.
It’s a packed day for Scottish Games!

Edinburgh based Pixels on Toast have today released Food Run on iOS devices. It’s a one-button platformer, so perfect for iphone play. Bounce your wee line of fruit through 40 levels of fruity mischief. Continue reading