Edinburgh Evening News column sample 2

4th October 2012


The term ‘survival horror’ was first coined to describe the original Resident Evil game in 1996. It represented a breakthrough in something horror games had lacked before that point: atmosphere. Since then the series has gradually moved away from frights and suspense towards a more high-octane action orientated experience. EA’s Dead Space became the only truly scary game on the current generation of consoles, but that too has swung away from fear towards action with its sequels and spin-offs. Continue reading


The Declaration of Cineworld

first published by Planet Ivy on May 28th 2012

The Declaration of Cineworld


On Friday the Scottish National Party gathered together a coalition of fellow independence campaigners – Socialists, Greens and Celebrities – to launch its ‘Yes’ campaign for the 2014 referendum.

The setting was a multiplex cinema in Edinburgh. Continue reading