Edinburgh Film Completes Tour

Originally produced for Edinburgh Napier News.  

I caught up with Edinburgh Independent Film Maker Tim Barrow as his self produced and distributed film The Space Between completes its tour of screenings. He talks about the Creative Scotland Film Sector review.

space between yt2 from Tom Freeman on Vimeo.

The Space Between

Review: Missing and Migration Stories at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Originally published by Buzz Magazine 28th February 2012

When the Scottish National Portrait Gallery reopened in December it seemed to have shifted focus. From simply displaying evocations of people, the gallery has been rebranded to offer ‘A Portrait of a Nation’. This was coined in April 2009 when the gallery closed for a refit, but since then the SNP have gained overall control of parliament and we find ourselves hurtling towards a referendum on independence. An auspicious idea then, if the exploration of Scottish national identity hadn’t already been the portfolio of most major artistic heavyweights in the country. It does seem curious that a portrait gallery would display large landscape prints in its photography gallery, and the policy has mixed success with current temporary installations Missing and Migration Stories. Continue reading